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We invest today in companies which are delivering the components for a brighter environmental tomorrow.

We nurture innovation-focused and transparency-driven new propositions that will better supply the energy and consumption needs of consumers,  governments, companies, and regulators.


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Affordable hydroelectric power
Doro turbines

Affordable energy for households and businesses.

doro Turbinen GmbH builds environmentally friendly small hydropower plants to gently tap previously unused hydropower potential.

All components are factory pre-assembled and installed in a standard sea container (20 feet). On site, the doro-C is simply anchored to the foundation and electrified. The doro-C is already in operation and generates up to 35 kW or 840 kWh of green electricity per day.

One Doro-C delivers as much output as 7.3 photovoltaic systems with the same installed capacity.


All-in sewage sludge treatment

Sustainable, profitable, and environmentally friendly sewage sludge drying and processing for municipalities with up to 60,000 residents.

Our customers are disposal companies, municipalities, operating companies or associations, and we support them from the initial analysis and business planning to decision-making and all approval processes.

Our strength lies in the establishment and support of operating companies. This includes both the financing of the entire system technology and the later digital monitoring and optimization.

In addition, we advise our customers on further expansion stages such as pyrolysis, energy and phosphorus recovery. 

Indoor vertical farming

InvertiGro designs, builds and supports highly efficient Indoor Vertical Farming solutions that are quicker and more affordable to set up, simpler, more sustainable and cost-effective to operate, delivering greater yields, higher margins and more crop flexibility than in-market alternatives.

InvertiGro’s “Plug’n’Play” end-to-end growing solutions incorporate hardware, operating software and supporting services. Our patented indoor vertical farming systems are available in two different configurations: InvertiCube & InvertiWall.

Conscience in design

MaaTers is the result of personal growth, of a feeling of dissatisfaction with the established, the current lifestyle and, above all, with the way in which human beings relate and interact with nature.

We are committed to a new way of life, a new business model and new production processes that represent a sustainable, responsible alternative, which allows us to reduce our footprint and environmental impact.

We use our hands to innovate using the resources that nature puts at our disposal and create new functionalities or new productions to bring more sustainable solutions to our daily life.


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